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look at these numbers, subfreezing in concord the upper 20s, we are boosting that temperature 36 in san francisco and another cold start this morning but look what is on its way, we will be tracking heavy rain over the next few days, here is an update on traffic. good morning, sal. it is looking good, we are looking at some of the roads and the traffic looks good between walnut creek and oakland and also if you are driving this morning on northbound 101 approaching the 880 split, that traffic does look good > she was struck by a bullet walking down the street. live with more on the investigation into her death,
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tara? they are looking into who took the life into an innocent bystander and it is the latest on what happened around 7:00 when a woman was walking to the store on the 9100 block when she was caught in the crossfire when there were two people on the other side of the street. the 49-year-old grandmother was walking with a relative when she was struck with the bullet. a long time friend knew her and said she lived just four blocks from the store and cared for her elderly mother. police are trying to figure out what caused this fight and left 12 shell casings. after that more gunfire erupted. a man was injured and he was later transported to hyland hospital. police told ktvu channel 2 morning news they do not believe the two shootings were
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related. coming up, we will tell you where the homicide stands this year. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. firefighters are still on the scene of a house fire when the fire was reported on sanchez and 27th street. the flames damaged a garage but managed to keep it from spreading any further. the home is under construction right now and nobody is living there. we will have a live report coming up in about 30 minutes. well you may have heard a loud explosion and they found some chemicals. they had been on the house for years and were too dangerous to move. the home was boarded up and the bomb squad was there and they found nobody was hurt. they were trying to find out who shot at a marine
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recruiter. it happened in the southbound lanes of stevens creek boulevard. the recruiter was driving an unmarked government car at the time. the vehicle was hit several times but the recruiter was not hurt. >> it went across his lap so he was a really lucky guy. >> they do not believe the marine was targeted because he was wearing a jacket over his uniform and right now there are no suspects. it was aimed at reducing gun violence in the city's bay view district. blakely is one of two teens who died last weekend. the mayor called the deaths horrible and they talked about how to reduce the violence. there have been 60 homicides compared to 50 this time last year. vice-president joseph biden will meet with leaders across
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the country to get input on how to reduce gun violence. president barack obama will head a task force to prevent the kind of mass shooting that took the lives of 26 people in newtown connecticut. he wants to set up proposals for a task force in january. coming up at 4:42 we will go live in newtown connecticut and we will hear about a special tribute and how the gunman's mother spent her last days. the state public utility commission will find out how they will pay to get hundreds. they are looking to get upgrades after the deadly explosion and fire. pg&e should have been maintaining those pipes and a judge agreed and asked to pay 50% of the costs and they must
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approve that idea. a new audit of the parking system showed it held on to 3 $16,000 it should have refunded. state lawmakers should have given back over payments. they claim they did not know about the law and they will refunds $200 or more. drivers can apply for smaller refunds which most other cities refund smaller payments. let's go to sal with our first look at traffic. sal? traffic is looking good and we are expecting it to start getting lighter for the holidays and any day now could be the day. at the toll plaza there is not a big delay coming into san francisco and it has been a very nice drive and all the road work looks good. if you are driving on the peninsular, the traffic on 101
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and 280 looks good and there could be a little bit of road work on the shoulder and for the most part we are doing very well. let's go to mark. well, we are off to a dry start and we are definitely bundling up. santa rosa checking in at 36 degrees and we have some overcast and as a result temperatures have come up a little bit. san jose in the 30s. and this is a first in a series of cold fronts approaching the northwestern portions of the state. this will be a significant snow producer for mountains of lake county and also for the sierra with dropping snow levels at least in the short-term. snow levels come up and significant amounts stay up in feet. for today, a cold morning, and cloud cover will be on the increase and tomorrow more rain and the weekend we will have rain as well increasing at
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times. it will be increasing through the south into the evening and as a result this wind advisory begins and lasts until 4:00 a.m. in place for the north coast and the bay shore line and also towards the santa cruz mountains. we will have winds gusting at 50 miles per hour. approaching the region, first one is set for friday, second one saturday and the numbers will add up, we are approaching 7 inches, santa cruz mountains, 5 inches. in the short-term, it is dry. cloud cover is on the increase. we have a chance of a few portions of the eastern county. it slides to the south bay picking the cloud cover and picking up working its way to the south, cloud cover is increasing and temperatures are mainly in the 50s. increasing clouds today, a
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chance of a shower, rain and wind for friday, heavy rain saturday morning, even a stronger storm and we have more details coming up. it does kick in for the mountains. thank you mark. this morning, two state top officials will talk about the u.s. consulate in libya. it comes after an independent review panel talked about failures for security at the consulate. it led four state department officials resign -- officials to resign yesterday. she is expected to testify next month. -- hillary rodham clinton is expected to testify on that next month. house speaker john boehner said his measure is a backup incase talks to avert the fiscal cliff fail and president
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barack obama opposes plan "b" and if it arrives on his desk, he will veto it and he wants to tax people making more than $400,000 a year. and a new twist in the scandal, the reason they will still get paid despite the recent resignation. and looking good out to the high-rise, we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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. good thursday morning, off to a cold start, look what is headed our way, rain factors could be here as early as this afternoon in the north bay. we have storms possible in the south. some parts of iowa and
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wisconsin could see as much as a half foot of snow and the weather is expected to cause delays at airports which could cause a ripple affect across the country. sarah a should -- is a harrah could feel the affects and midway is also a major base for southwest airlines. they should expect delays of two hours or more and many are waiving fees or rebooking flights. workers say they plan to strike unless a new deal is reaped by -- reached by midnight. they are looking at a proposed wage freeze and they have been working without a contract since june. back to our continuing coverage of the newtown
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connecticut school shootings. they will lay to rest three more children. our reporter is talking about the victims and about the mother, here is more. >> reporter: the first thing that struck us was that much of the media has packed up but still the pain remains here for the people in newtown connecticut and they continue to ask what was the motive. they recently put out a statement and it will be months before they issue their final report on this investigation. >> reporter: another day brings more heartbreaking funerals in a town trying to figure out just how to heal. they are struggling to get to as many as possible. >>reporter: allison and katherine will be laid to rest along with the principal. newtown connecticut bid farewell to 27-year-old teacher
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victoria. >> paul simon was a family friend of victoria and played the sound of silence. >> many gathered at the university for a trick actual to -- tribute to newtown connecticut and president barack obama is pledging to take action, a newly formed group, newtown united is advocating gun legislation. >> if we don't follow up on this their deaths are in vain. >> reporter: nancy lanza had just returned from a short trip to a luxury resort to new hampshire. in recent years, she felt comfortable in leaving her son
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at home unsupervised. >> and we'll see a total of 6 funerals and tomorrow that will be a day of mourning. church bells will be running 26 times for each victim at 9:30 a.m., the exact same time the shooting happened, back to you. members of the sikh community came together to remember the victims of the newtown shootings. earlier they were hit with a similar tragedy, when a man killed 6 people before shooting himself. and for victim of the newtown connecticut shootings, the event begins at justin herman plaza. those who attend are asked to
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bring an unwrapped teddy bear. a secret settlement has been reached over the late artist's multi- million dollar estate. it remains unclear who will get the mansion. he willed his estate to her in a barely legible note. kinkaid was legally separated from his wife. and the maritime director will stay on the payroll into questionable spending. james want will work for seven months to ensure -- james will work for the company and earlier that he agreed to pay back more than $5,000 in
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expenses at strip clubs. >> given the egregiousness, it seems a bit shocking that they would want to associate with what i consider a damaged brand. >> he will earn extra money as maritime director. and they have kicked off a campaign to ban leaf blowers. 71-year-old douglas green says the noise wakes him up and the fumes make it hard for him to breathe and he started a petition to have them banned in fairfax. they say if it goes through, it could greatly increase costs for customers. some families are finding sanctuary at a homeless shelter. they have 70 rooms but all are
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full. nearly 250 families are on the weighting list. it is heartbreaking to turn away the hundreds of families who need help but this family is feeling lucky to have a place to sleep. >> hopefully we can rise above this situation and finds somehowing for the next years to come so we don't have to go through this anymore. if we can get through this, we can get through anything. >> unemployment and high rents is forcing people on to the street. they are hoping to help as many families as possible this holiday season. let's get you out the door. hello, sal. brian, we are doing well and this is a nice looking start to the commute. let's look at what we have now. people are still getting on the road and it might be a little bit lighter than it was let's say on monday when we had a lot
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more volume. no major delays at the toll plaza or -- plaza or on the bridge itself. and through downtown, that traffic looks very nice, let's go to mark. once again we are all cold shivering because look at these temperatures in the upper 20s. subject freezing in concord, 32 in livermore, san francisco downtown, that is the current reading and san jose in the upper 38 degrees. we will be approaching the north bay counties especially northern sonoma county especially into the evening hours. a closer look, we do have this, a winter storm warning for the mendocino interior and as you can see, approaching parts of lake county but snow levels are down to 1,000 feet in a few sections of the state. the cold air is up here and
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here is a closer inspection. so far we just have fair skies in the south bay but we have an increase to the high clouds. look at the snow fall accumulations into northern mendocino county and out towards the sierra. we expect it all the way until 10:00 p.m. on sunday and they are measure two to five feet and we will have major problems traveling the mountains in northern california as well not only in the sierra over the next few days. we have rain showers coming up in the north bay. and the system does gradually slide to the south and we expect more rain tomorrow. tomorrow we could be tracking rains and dusty winds, multiple storms, first one is said to move in tonight and saturday,
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it could be heavy at times right through through the ken -- the weekend. criticism over the movie the hunt for osama bin laden, some lawmakers are angry about and the result of the latest crash tests, the models that did well and the cars that disappointed, stay with us.
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. welcome back. the upcoming hundred for osama bin laden at issue, scenes much cia officers torturing detainees. it suggestions key information about osama bin laden's whereabouts. they say they should clarify that the role of torture is based on narrative, not facts and it will be in theaters next month. president barack obama will have a second inauguration ceremony. here are crews building the viewing stands and next month it will be smaller than 2009. this time around there will be viewer inaugural balls and most of the cost will be covered by
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president barack obama supporters and private donors and taxpayers will pay for security costs and the platform. they are expected to reopen after a series of fiery crashes. the long island expressway will remain open and the trouble started yesterday afternoon when a tractor-trailer slammed into some cars triggering a pileup involving 35 vehicles. one woman was killed and 3 -- 35 people were injured. newer priced cars out rated other cars. 13 of the 18 mid-sized family cars earned good and acceptable ratings. three of those cars had poor ratings and we have more details of the crash results on under the hot topic section. let's look at our traffic with
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sal, good morning. good morning, we are still doing very nicely around the bay area, if you want to get out and make sure you have a nice drive, now is the time to do it, northbound 101 traffic looks good, the bay shore freeway looks good heading to san bruno. also looking at the commute through the bay bridge toll plaza, it does look good as you drive to the city from oakland. we talked about 101 and 280 is looking good, highway 101 through pacifica is also looking good, let's go to mark. once again you might be scraping some ice off the windshield, look at these numbers, 20s in fairfield and concord. san francisco is currently 44 and you can see the rain showers, not here in the bay area but up to our north and it will be approaching later this afternoon, especially into the
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evening hours. as that system approaches, wind speeds pick up in the south in advance of the storm. a wind advisory will last until 4:00 a.m. and gusts could approach 50 miles per hour and we could have a concern with power outages not only for tomorrow but into the weekend. forecast models shows us extreme portions of the north bay and slowly heads to the south but still partly cloudy skies in parts of the south bay and heads to the south later tonight at 10:00 and overnight into friday and it will set the stage for a wet morning commute into friday. a very cold start this morning, temperatures are warmer than yesterday, mainly in the 50s and a very active five-day forecast, multiple rain, second one for second, third one for sunday, we will be tracking
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periods of heavy rains and significant snow, a lot more on the storm that does kick up in the sierra, brian? new information that caused a lock down of the south bay college. a strange account of an unknown man at city college. there are clues firefighters are searching for in the valley, stay with us, we will have more.
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